To sit

Right here

Until it stops

Hurting. My eye

Lids can not respond,

They are on lockdown. I

Won’t be commenting anymore.

I won’t make light of any amicable

Exchange. I won’t be saying much of anything,

Anymore. I won’t be feeling anything anymore. I won’t be

A poem

I’m so fucking angry.
I don’t know where to put it.
I don’t know how to put it.
If I keep it in me, I die.
If I send it to you, I die.

There are no winners in war.
and there are always wars.
It’s burning, invisible.
It’s viable, indestructible.
And raging…

  • In case you haven’t heard, I am running for Governor in Pennsylvania in 2022! I am seeking the endorsement of the the Green Party of Pennsylvania. I began working on my website a few months ago, it’s a living document, as I plan to journalize my campaign for future reference…

The will of the people has fully been realized with the installation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. From the perspective of Leftists, this half-measure of Austerity Joe is not a relief, in fact it’s backwards. The true fight is not between Neo-fascists and Neo-liberals, it’s a class war that…

In 1966, the US Supreme Court made a decision to abolish the Poll Tax. The Poll Tax was used to target poor and Black people to discourage them from voting. Harper vs. Virginia State Board of Elections reversed the findings of Breedlove vs. Suttles. The latter had given state board…

In our present day access to media-overload, especially with the upcoming presidential election, the only time you’ll read about the Green Party is from so-called liberal journalists hell-bent on assuring that Joe Biden is our next president. The tainted version of the Democratic Party’s imposed legal challenges against the Green…

Tina Olson

Artist, political junkie, addict in recovery, mother of four humans and one cat named JoJo. https://www.patreon.com/TinaOlson

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