Venezuela is My Baby

Tina Olson
2 min readAug 5, 2020

Moving On From American Imperialism

Drawing and photo by Tina Olson-Wilkins.

Do you remember 1994 release of The Shit Split by Blatz and Filth? The Blatz song, “Berkeley is my Baby,” popped in my head after reading Senator Chris Murphy’s tweets about the US role in Venezuela politics. Dude, you said coup! I can’t believe that someone finally admitted this, but also in such a nonchalant manner.

“Berkeley is my baby, I should have aborted it.”

The level of arrogance that exudes from this century-long petition to right the world’s evils is long past its expiration date. Americans are hated for this reason above other assertions of delusions of grandeur. The concept of American exceptionalities were first buried in our roots of building a nation through slavery and Imperialism. Now we stand at embarrassing levels compared to countries that have the decency to support human rights for the most vulnerable through basic healthcare, housing, and realistic educational opportunities.

No matter this shameful reality, we still have the audacity to think we must conquer and topple smaller governments to “give” them Democracy.

News flash: This is NOT out of kindness. We have better access to peruse the conditions with other news sources and our Media is just as riddled with propaganda as others.

AKA: It’s all bullshit.

HOW TO POLITIC: You wanna become a loyal political profiteer?

1. Line up the stories on CNN of how horrible the conditions of Venezuela are currently due to Socialism.

2. Email MSNBC so they can blame Bernie and the Squad.

3. Get footage of blown-up babies and label it ‘Muslim Terrorists’ and (secretly) call FOX.

4. Blame Trump.

5. Pretend you care about the struggles of poor people in other countries while you shoot down M4A during a Pandemic.

6. Stay on the opposite side of the same coin. You are Democrats, you battle Republicans. ie. Encourage an embarrassing internal war over masks to distract us…while all of you try to steal the worlds oil for your donors’ insatiable portfolios.

7. Blame Russian Propaganda.

8. Too many kids need money for college? Sign them up for your Military to roll the dice a chance at dying for your retirement benefits-because they sure as Hell aren’t dying protecting a threat against Democracy. Democracy is for successful Capitalists, not for the babies of bottom-tier-caste working stiffs. Nancy needs her gourmet ice cream! Ivanka needs a new pair of trademarks from China! Like yesterday.

And just like yesterday, the cat is out of the bag. Senator Chris Murphy your statement on Venezuela has inspired me to think of Teddy Roosevelt and his big stick. You’ve reminded me of fake Liberalism and its fallacy. Mostly, you’ve reminded me that we need to defund both the RNC and DNC.

I’m gonna make it my mission.



Tina Olson

Artist, political junkie, addict in recovery, mother of four humans and one cat named JoJo.